Transport & Parking


Because the course is point-to-point there will be a bus service running from Te Puru Park to Duder Regional Park, and a later bus dropping at Maraetai. You will need to purchase a bus ticket when you register. There will be people travelling towards Maraetai after the event has finished but this is not part of the event organisation.

Note you can leave clothing and belongings (at your own risk) at both event starts that will be bought back to the finish line at Te Puru.

Please read the Detailed Event Information PDF to find out when buses run or view the Facebook Event page. Pricing is on the Event Pricing page. You can book your bus when you register via the system, otherwise it is $10 cash on the day. IF YOU DON'T BOOK YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A SEAT.


We've put together a couple of maps showing the parking for Te Puru Park and Maraetai Beach. The parking at Duder Regional Park is limited and we don't advise you to park there - there is also the issue of getting back.

Fun Run parking at Te Puru Park

Fun Run parking at Maraetai

Image 1